Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Handmade Gifts for Teachers

After our parents, it is our teachers who motivate, encourage and guide us about the ways of the world. Many of us have had lasting influences on our lives of our teachers. There are numerous occasions, such as year end, graduation, holidays, teacher appreciation weeks, etc. when students get the opportunity to thank their teachers. Homemade gifts are perhaps the best way to thank them as they show how much efforts a student is willing to put in for his teacher. So, for all those who are looking for some interesting handmade gifts for teachers, given below are the best ones.
Unique Handmade Gifts for Teachers
Paper Flower Bouquet!; If you have taken your art and craft classes seriously, you must have learned how to make paper flowers. So, why not utilize that skill of yours for handmade gifts for teachers. You can make flowers out of some bright colored paper or cloth and sprinkle them with a good perfume before giving it to your teacher. You may read more on teacher gift ideas. Now, you will ask me why not real flowers. For the simple reason that paper flowers never wither.
Paint a T-Shirt; You need not be a Picasso to paint a t-shirt. Anybody, even those who have never picked a painting brush in their life can come up with some great designs. An easy way to do this is to search the Internet for some good teacher quotes and simply write one or two of them on the t-shirt. Or, you can make your hand prints on the t-shirts in a circle or a square so that it looks like a design. You may read further on gift ideas for teachers from students. If by any chance you are good at painting, then you can skip these tips and paint something beautiful for your teacher.
Bake a Cake!; If you know how to cook or at least know its basics, bake a cake for your favorite teacher. Ask your mom or your sister to help you with the recipe and the preparation. On the cake, write Thank You Ms. Jane. Or alternately, you can bake a few cookies, wrap them nicely in a beautiful box and gift it to your teacher.
Scrapbook; One of the best handmade gifts for teachers which she will cherish for a long time to come is to make a scrapbook, especially devoted to her. In it, you can paste your class photographs with her, including the photographs of parties or events or trips you must have gone to. Write some heart felt messages stating how much you look up to her. You can write things like, Ms. Jane is my hero because..... I admire Ms Jane cause she is..... Decorate the scrapbook with stickers and other embellishments, make it colorful and beautiful and then present it to your teacher.
Box of Thank You Notes; This is another of the teacher appreciation gifts. Take a construction paper and cut it into small 20-25 strips. On each of these strips, write some genuine thank you notes for your teacher. Once you are done, fold each of them nicely and place them in a transparent jar. Add a few chocolates to this jar and decorate it with glitter. When your teacher reads the thank you notes one by one, she will definitely be touched by your sweet gesture!
Handmade Jewelry; For those of you looking for homemade gifts for teachers which she can actually use, handmade jewelry will be the ideal choice. For making jewelry you will need things like beads, colored glass, shells and a string. Jewelry making is very easy and if you search the Internet, you will find many websites giving you instructions on how to do it at home.
Handmade gifts such as the ones mentioned above are the perfect way to tell your teacher how much she is admired and respected by you. Thank you gifts need not be lavish or elaborate, even a simple card and a flower from your side is more than enough to show your feelings for your teacher. Off course, if you are willing to make an effort by going in for any of these handmade gifts, it will be like icing on the cake.

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