Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hair Extension Prices

The best way to flaunt a glam look is change the hairstyle. You might have noticed your favorite Hollywood actors appearing in different hairstyles of varied length every now and then. The secret behind those haircut style and ideas is nothing, but hair extensions. With such products, women with short hair or thin hair need not worry much about how their natural hair appears. All they need is, purchase good quality hair extensions that will suit them and follow correct tips for attaching them. Regarding hair extension prices, the average cost varies according to hair type, hair length and brand, which we will discuss in this article.
Prices for Hair Extensions
As aforementioned, hair extensions are used to add volume and length to the natural hair. Many women even use them for temporary hair lowlights or highlights. No doubt, they are best attached by a salon expert. But, with simple tips for applying hair extensions, you can use them like a professional does. For this, you will need a superior quality brand and tangle free artificial hair integrations. The color, texture and length of these hair products are endless. You can select a perfect shade that blends well with your natural hair color.
A worrying issue amongst customers is hair extension prices, which range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. In the market, you will find two types of hair extensions, based on whether they are made with real human hair or artificial hair. As expected, those made with human hair are more costly than hair extensions weft with artificial fibers. Nevertheless, the minus point with using cheap commercial hair is inability to withstand common hair styling methods like, curling and straightening. With human hair, the user have the option to treat hair with any of these techniques.
If you are planning to use hair extensions just for one day or one night, go for artificial hair. They are cheap, easy to remove and available in a wide range of brands. However, if you want to flaunt the same hairstyle for as long as 6 months, select human hair type. Also, the cost of hair extensions largely depends on the length of hair, which you have opted. Longer hair extensions cost more than shorter versions and vice versa. Like for example; a shoulder length (about 10 inch) hair extension cost USD 8 per strand, while a waist length hair extension (about 20 inch) of the same brand costs USD 12.5 per strand.
Hair Extension Prices Based on Method; Another factor used for deciding hair extensions cost is the methodology involved in attaching the hair extensions. ; The hot fusion hair extensions use the technique of fusing artificial hair to natural strands with heat. The price for this type is affordable and comes to about USD 300. ; A milder fusion method that fuses hair without hot temperature application is cold fusion hair extensions. They cost about USD 1,500-2,000, based on the brand. ; The easiest and cheapest product ideal for temporary extending natural hair is the clip in hair extensions. Each kit is available in a price range of USD 20-269. ; Weave hair extensions cost approximately USD 1,200. These extensions are attached by braiding commercial hair to natural hair. ; Hair Extension Prices Based on Volume; Last but not the least, the average cost of hair extensions will vary, depending on whether you want partial treatment or whole head treatment with extensions. ; The total cost for partial application of hair extensions ranges from USD 400-800. This price range is including the charges of the salon expert. ; Requiring about 150-200 extensions, the charges for full head application are higher. Cost of hair extensions including price of hair comes around USD 1,500-2,500. ; So, this was all about hair extension prices according to various aspects. Of course, there are beauty salons that offer cheap hair extension prices. On a personal note, do not always trust on such advertisement hypes and select quality hair extensions. After all, you want them to look real and avoid negative effects to your hair, right!

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